[SOLVED] Android Tablet Question (Unable to scan QR)

Trying to use a Blynk QR code with my Protab tablet but get a Camera Initialize failed msg,
I know this is not a Blynk problem and apologise for using this form, but getting no response from the android forum.
So this is my problem.

Downloaded a QR app and get the Camera Initialize failed msg.
Have closed all other apps but still get the msg.
Tried another Protab tablet, same result.
Is there a way I can find out who has control of the camera?
Also the camera works ok with pic shots.
Also tried another QR app with a similar error msg.

Also is there another way of cloning a project without using a QR code?

As I have never had any of my devices try to use the front camera, or even give me the option, when scanning a Blynk QR, I would guess that Blynk (and apparently whatever other QR app you tried) insist on looking for back camera. And as near as I can tell, the Protab only has a 0.3MP front cam.

Short of temporarily using another device on your account to load in the QR with, I don’t think there is another way.

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Yup, think you have identified the problem re the lack of forward camera.
As I use the protab as the console for my system, I will purchases a tablet that does have two cameras and see how it goes…
Tks for the quick solution.

@OzGrant you don’t need to scan the QR code to clone a project. Create the QR code and then email it to yourself. Ensure Blynk is open and when you open the email you will also see a url. Click the url and the cloned project will be imported into Blynk.


Thanks @Costas, copied the project over OK. always hard the first time, but I should have read the document better.

Don’t worry… I completely missed it as well :blush: Glad you got it working.