SMS notifications permitted?

Has anyone having success with SMS messaging?

Are SMS notifications permitted in Blynk 2.0 Free and Plus plans?

I see in the Notification Settings documentation that “addition charges apply” however the SMS fields do allow entry of phone numbers.

Thanks in advance.

Pavel Says

Appreciate the feedback - Thanks.

I should have made my search wider not just Blynk 2.0.

Too bad it couldn’t be flagged somehow in the Blynk.console that it isn’t enabled or available yet. Would have saved some frustration time…

I just tested sending an email message from my gmail account to my SMS provider and the message was forwarded as a text as expected ( This is still working in the Blynk 0.1 version.

I’m not clear why this can’t continue, unless there are bigger things in play. Anyone know why?

doe this method work in india

i may suggest u to use callmhebot whaatsapp api

Have SMS/Text notifications been enabled? I’ve got a template event set up that works well with both push notifications & email alerts. Text messages for the same never show up? For training & demo purposes I’m using a Free Blynk account. I do have a validate mobile number in the device owner profile too. Thx…

At the moment SMS is available only for Business users.

I used that feature as well, until my provider fully removed the feature, now in my country there is no such option…