SMS notification for important alert?

I think the SMS messages need to work smart things in alarm fire or access control mode. Since the existing dashboar send notifications only when the device (phone) is in GPRS ie require internet connection!
send SMS notification need from Arduino device code.

sorry for my bad english.

Sms services are usually paid, so we will add them as we introduce paid features.

Thanks for your feedback! And your English is good by the way!

Push notifications as for me are more effective. And yes, they are free =). @Pavel we just need to add priority setting for notifications that are must.

I think that the mechanism of sending the notice runs as follows: Arduino device code -> Blynk Cloud -> Dashboard that is, when there is no stable Internet connection or dashboard status is logout, you will not be able to notice.

Yeap, you are right. There is one case when pushes could not be delivered - when mobile device has no internet. Agree.


Found an easy solution to sending SMS for free via Blynk. My cellphone provider, as do most has a free gateway where you can send a your TXT to a email address and it gets converted to a SMS and sent to your phone. So I just use it as part of the email widget insteasd of my email address, I use Verizon and their format is " Your cell number" Works like a charm. For ATT phones its, but I have dont have ATT and cant test it.

Below is a list for other carriers:
US Cellular



@Leslie nice workaround. Thanks for sharing!


Note: this workaround also solves the “what happens if my kid killed blynk running in the background” problem. You will still get critical alerts … :slight_smile:

Blynk.sms () will be possible only with the subscription? or will be charged separately?


@mariano_da it wiil be charged with new Blynk in-apps system. (release in few days)

For all who interested or above method doesn’t work.

Now we need widget to make it work :slight_smile: