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Hello everyone I want a code for esp32 to connect my touch screen to blynk my project is a screen for resurant for commanding food if client select his commade and click in confirme button i will send a message in blynk app showed in lcd widget and in blynk app if serveur click in accepte button i will to send a confirmition message showed in nextion screen .
Thank you

There are a forum few users, including myself, who use Nextion displays with Blynk, but you’re not going to be handed a working sketch.
How good are your coding skills?


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Thank you for you reply . I am a beginner my nextion my nextion is NEXTION 5″ TFT ÉCRAN TACTILE UART:
800 x 480 Resolution

You’re going to have quite a steep learning curve.
Which Nextion library are you using?
Is the display a genuine Nextion that can be used with the official Nextion editor?
Have you successfully designed graphics files and uploaded them to the Nextion?


Yes i designed my nextion by nextion editor only code left

Three questions, one answer.
You’re not going to get much help on the forum if you take that approach.


Ok sorry. I used Arduino Nextion Library .yes can be usee with the official nextion editor and i Have successfully designed graphics files and uploaded them to the Nextion