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Hello everyone I want a code for esp32 to connect my touch screen to blynk my project is a screen for resurant for commanding food if client select his commade and click in confirme button i will send a message in blynk app showed in lcd widget and in blynk app if serveur click in accepte button i will to send a confirmition message showed in nextion screen .
Thank you

There are a forum few users, including myself, who use Nextion displays with Blynk, but you’re not going to be handed a working sketch.
How good are your coding skills?


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Thank you for you reply . I am a beginner my nextion my nextion is NEXTION 5″ TFT ÉCRAN TACTILE UART:
800 x 480 Resolution

You’re going to have quite a steep learning curve.
Which Nextion library are you using?
Is the display a genuine Nextion that can be used with the official Nextion editor?
Have you successfully designed graphics files and uploaded them to the Nextion?


Yes i designed my nextion by nextion editor only code left

Three questions, one answer.
You’re not going to get much help on the forum if you take that approach.


Ok sorry. I used Arduino Nextion Library .yes can be usee with the official nextion editor and i Have successfully designed graphics files and uploaded them to the Nextion

Hello everyone. I want help with my projet. I want to connect a touch screen of Nextion with Blink via esp32 wifi, as my idea is a screen for customers in the restaurant in which he chooses his food and sends them to the worker and receives them in the Blink application so that the worker shows him the orders on the LCD widget of blynk and when he presses on Button, a notification is sent to a customer screen for confirme his commands. I use a blynk library my nextion screen Designed with nextion editor. I need a code .thank you

@Soufam I’ve merged your new topic in to this one that you created 3 days ago.
Please don’t spam the forum by creating multiple topics on the same issue.

The forum isn’t a code factory, for that you’ll need to go elsewhere.
What we will do is to help point you in the right direction, and point out any issues with the code that you have written, but it appears that you don’t have any code that you are willing to share.


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Hello everyone i want help to my probleme .i want to programme button widget if i click it i want to open a page in my nextion screen by esp32 wifi.i hope to give me help about this.

Once again, I’ve merged your new topic into your previous one.

If you keep this up, your account WILL be suspended.


He asked lines of code for his nextion display :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello sir I have another probleme not same previous probleme so thank you for your help

Isn’t same probleme and not same topic so don’t megret my topic or deleted and thank you

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It’s the same issue - you’re begging for code to allow a Nextion display to work with Blynk without sharing any information about your existing code. If you create more topics of this type then, as I said, your account WILL be suspended.

If you’re looking for someone to help you turn a functional requirements document into a working system then maybe you should use a service like this:


Thank you sir and excuse me :heart: