Smart home model using Blynk


It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m back with a new project and some help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m doing a project for my university using Blynk: a minitature Smart Home. I’m planning in using the following:
-2 nodemcus
-sh90 servo for garagedoor
-dc motor for fan
-dht11, motion sensor, ultrasonic sensor, photoresistior, magnetic contact
-lcd display
-a bunch of leds

I’m planning on doing the sensor part on one board and the servo/motor/led part on the other and I’m curious about:

  1. Would I be able to somehow make them interact with eachother, as in one of them acts based on parameters read from the other?
    2.How many of these parts eould I be able to control and also power at the same time using a single NodeMCU board? Could it hande using all gpios+3.3v pins?
  2. Before writing this I also noticed a new post on the forum about the new version of Blynk being released… how simmilar is it to the old release, as in coding and functionality in general?

Here is the 3d model I made and plan on using:

Any help, suggestion or idea would be kindly appreciated. Thanks!:slight_smile: