Smart Home HUB for integrating NON-Blynk devices

hey guys,
so today i am here with an idea that i think would be really cool.
i basically want to create a HUB for non Blynk Devices with the blynk app.

i don’t know about you guys but i really like the blynk app and i want it as a central place to use it with other appliances which do not use bynk. yes i can always modify the device by flashing custom firmware that would be a pain if there are multiple devices for different types.
what we can do for now is use HTTP API’s for different products and later on we can use MQTT,
in the long run we can run Phillips HUE Emulator and HOME BRIDGE on the PI for using everything with google assistant, Alexa and HomeKIT.

in a nutshell i want to create Blynk version of OpenHAB.
i know this can be done using the WEBHOOK WIDGET but by using PI we can make things work that run only on the local network.

i mean the things we can do with this are endless.

Leave your thoughts below

You should take a look at Node-Red running on a Pi, with the Blynk ws plug-in.
I’ve been using this for over a year and it’s a great hub to allow integration with other devices. I use Amazon Alexa, Ikea TRÅDFRI and Home made MQTT to 433MHz and Infrared bridges. You can easily define HTTP/S calls to other devices direct from Node-Red and trigger these using Blynk, Alexa or the built-in dashboard.
It’s also easy to integrate with HomeKit etc, although I don’t personally do that.