Smart Farming and generic iot system

I’m working on smart farming and generic iot system, my project will include : 5 sensors, arduino microcontroller.
I want to view data for at least year or two for example I want to see how the temprature and humidity change on graph or table for like 2 years and do my own analyize.

my question is would blynk be good for my project?

Yes, the Superchart widget shows data going back over time. You can only export the past 10 days or so of data if you use the Blynk cloud servers, but you can view all the data that’s there in Superchart.
If youset-up a local Blynk server then you can overcome these limitations if it’s an issue.

You don’t say which sort of Arduino, but you’d be better choosing an IoT capable board such as an ESP8266 or ESP32 rather than an old Uno/Nano/Mega.


Thank you Pete!
one last question, can I send a command through blynk ( from user to the microcontroller).

Of course. There are a variety of widgets for this, button, slider, segmented switch, numeric and text inputs etc.

Connect these widget to VIRTUAL pins grater than digital pins, and process the data that comes from the app in whatever way you want.


Note with this approach if you ever change the virtual pin on the graph you will loose all the data. If it’s real important, I setup my temp device to send to MQTT messages to my node red server and from there to a SQLite data base now I can pull the data back, export to Excel and whatever I want. The file is also very small. Sounds difficult but a day or two with “papa” google and some help from @PeteKnight we got it done.

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