Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

Hello, I’m Alif and I’m a newbie. Actually, I’m currently developing my project which is an automatic pet feeder by using NodeMCU. Actually, I want to trigger my continuous servo motor based on the time that I have set on blynk apps. So, I decided to use Eventor in Blynk apps to trigger the servo motor. But the problem is, how to set the virtual pin that I have used in my coding to trigger the servo motor via blynk apps by using Eventor?

My Blynk version is 1.0.1.
Here is the code for my project.

I want to trigger virtual pin (V0) and here is my code:

[Unformatted code removed by moderator}

I/m very glad if you can help me with my project… :blush:

Hey there,

first please add triple backticks before and after the sketch like this
triple backticks

second, are you using blynk IOT or legacy ?

Did you mean I need to add triple backticks from the beginning to the end of my code or only add where I want to trigger the servo?

like this ?


Im using Blynk IOT

Actually, it easy enough to turn on the LED pin but how can I turn on or trigger the virtual pin instead of digital pin? It is possible to do that?

Edit the second post and add the triple backticks before and after the whole sketch
Also you’re using blynk legacy not IOT

Yes it’s possible, use set pin to there you should see the virtual pins.

Alright, I got it

That great! So, I just need to set the pin V0 to _ ? HIGH or what? :sweat_smile:

Hey, actually I have managed to get the desired output just like I want. Many thanks to you John for helping me to solve my problem. Now I can get ready for my presentation soon. Thank you so much!!!

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You’re welcome buddy :+1:

Mind sharing your Pet feeder’s code for reference ?