Sliding switch / on off like the ones used in blynk settings

Can we get one of these to use in our GUI

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not exactely the same, but you can eventually use a slider widget, with just 2 values.

I just like that Icon for an on/off switch.
Since Blynk uses it I thought it would be easy to release it to us so we could use it.

maybe. the devs can answer this.

We have in our plans to add a switch widget. Not sure about such design though.

Please make it an extra option in the button widget instead of its own widget.

Thank You

There will be a separate SWITCH widget. It’s planned.

Excellent Idea. Great job!

Please make the new (or revised) slide switch equal in height to an LED. That is half the height of the pushbutton. Also, being able to set the on/off labels and on/off background color would be great.

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