sliding door

Hello, I am new in IT and I would like to make a project of a packaging door for a room with motors that I can control with two buttons and with the Blynk application.
I know some basis, but not enough for my project.

My advice would be to get the project working correctly without Blynk, then look at adding Blynk into the equation afterwards.

If you are starting from scratch I would look at using an ESP32 as your MCU. You will need some sort of motor driver hardware to control the motor(s), or possibly relays if you re using mains powered motors.
You will also need limit switches to prevent the door sliding too far in each direction, unless you are using stepper motors.
You may also need some sort of sensor to prevent the door from closing if there is something or someone in the way. This could be an IR sensor, or pressure strip on the leading edge of the door (which may also be able to act as your limit switch in the closed direction).

It might be worth you taking a look at the technology used in remote controlled car gate systems, which use a mains motor, limit switches and safety sensor, along with a 433MHz remote control and manual override switch., to get an idea a out how all of the components work together.


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Sounds like a fun project. It would be a good idea to fully describe the hardware and the requirements prior to getting started with the code.

Thank you for your response (very fast)

hello, it’s been a long time since I haven’t given you any news on the project, so to get started: I’m using an arduino UNO R3 for the moment, I have successfully managed a 4 button program (2 for Open / Close and 2 for the end of course) the 2 (Open / Close) is to turn on a light and the other 2 is to turn it off, now I am setting up a speed variator and I am trying to change the direction of the motor with 2 relays but I do not arrive, if you have requests tell me.
See you soon.

Yes, could you please translate this into a language that I can understand?


sorry, i am french and the translator is not working well.
if you have ideas to change the direction of the engine, tell me

I’ve already shared lots of thought on possible solutions, but you’ve not reciprocated with information about the type of motor that you’re using, what voltage it operates on, whether it’s a stepper motor or a regular motor, whether you are using limit switches to prevent over-run etc. etc.
You’ve talked about additional components (a “speed variator”?) and relays, but not shared any information about how you’ve wired these or what issues you’re facing with this setup.

As a result, I’m not inclined to speculate further without some additional feedback from you.