Slider Widget bug

There is a bug with slider widget :

create a slider and link it to a stream, save , it’s ok

Come back to editor and move the widget to any place and save , you will lost data stream of all sliders :sweat_smile:


same if you change anything , I tried to change color label , same issue

My guess is you expecting the values to be saved and viewed in Template setup Dashboard instead of Device dashboard. Am I right?
Also, the device should be online when changing Slider position.

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Wrong, please re-read what I said, the problem is in the editor.
Only sliders are impacted,
the device is online, and sliders work fine until I try to edit any widget on the dashboard.

1/ go into editor mode and edit the slider widget
2/as you can see, datastream is lost
3/choose a source and save
4/return to the editor, and edit slider again
datastream source is lost again

If you have more than one sliders, all sliders are disconnected from their original stream source


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Thank you for your report!
Our developers are already fixing this issue.

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The clarification by steps 2 and 4 is extra helpful.
Thanks for you report!

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You are welcome

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