Slider/step values are not showing in Android app

Have used the old Blynk and loved it.
Have to migrate to the new Blynk and have done the first device and template.
I have several step (+/-) and sliders as input values.
On the web the value is shown in the step widget, but in the android app it is not.
I have tried making the widget really big, but still no value is showing.
I like using the step slider more than the slider.
I have not found anyone in the forum with this issue, am I the only one?
I am using Pixel 6, Android 12.

That’s one of the changes to existing widgets from legacy Blynk. Sliders have a value view looking the same as on the Web - it can be enabled in settings. While Step / Vertical Step - doesn’t have that top right corner small value. But you can always add a value display / labeled display widget with the same datastream to show the latest value from the step widget

I like the smaller step widget rather than the larger slider. I don’t see why there could not be value shown in between the +/-.

I will pass this request to our design team. We will have in future minor widgets design updates/improvements, and this may be part of that future effort.