Slider setProperty Float "max" Truncated

If I set a Slider with decimals #.## to a maximum value of 15.5,

	float max = 15.5;
	Blynk.setProperty(V0, "max", max);

the resulting maximum value is 15.00. Can we agree this is a bug?


No… it works just fine for my tests…

I recommend you make sure you have set the slider decimal range correctly and are running the latest Library.

However, I would also suggest using a variable name distinctly different then a keyword that is already used in the Library (AKA max).



Blynk Release v0.5.4

Slider Settings won’t even accept a decimal maximum (or minimum) value manually.


After …

Note: The key in the lower right-hand corner is “return”, rather than “Done”. I need to click on “OK”, “DECIMALS”, “OUTPUT / Select Pin” or “Slider” (which displays “Done” in the lower right-hand corner) in order to exit the “OUTPUT” min and max fields. I assume this is another issue (or possibly a related issue).


That is your phones current choice of keyboard (does iOS even have choices?) and nothing to do with Blynk…

Besides once the number is entered, or any other change is made, all you need to do is press OK and it should work, even without hitting RETURN (which is really just a end of line key).

I tested this on my iPhone 4s and it works as advertised.

Just for comparison, I’m running iOS 12.1.2 and Blynk 2.25.0 (3).


I tested on iOS 9.3.5 and Blynk 2.25.0 (3)

Just tried on my iPhone 6 running iOS 12.1.2 and app version 2.25.0 and this is what happens:

The Step field allows a decimal value to be inputted, you can’t exit that field without clicking on one of the other user editable fields (regardless of wheth r you’ve entered a decimal or an integer).
When the project is run the slider moves in 0.1 increments, but stops at 15 rather than 15.1
When the app is stopped, the maximum value shows as 15, not the 15.1 that was previously there.


Thanks, Pete! Glad it’s not just me. Hopefully, they’ll get this fixed.


Yep, we’ll fix.

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