Slider PWM Control through Virtual Pins

Hello everyone
The raspberry pi mode for Blynk on iOS identifies GPIO 18 as a PWM pin. However, I am using a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B which uses a slightly different pinout, identifying GPIO 12 and 13 as PWM0 and PWM1 respectively. I want a slider on Virtual Pin 7 to control the speed of a Noctua 5V PWM fan from 0 to 255 on my raspberry pi hooked up to gpio 12 or 13. Could anyone please post code for the above situation in Node.js format?

Hi, in this web you can find a lots of examples

In fact, the point 6 is about a pwm intensity of a led. If you need it with a servo, just change “pwmWrite” for “servoWrite” taking care of the values in your phone app: 500 to 2400 microseconds for a SG90 (see datasheet) instead of 0 - 180 degrees or values 0 - 255 for 8-bit resolution

Thanks so much for your help. My problem has been resolved.