Slider Min & Max Values need to set in float value

Hi Team,

I used slider widget in my environment monitoring project. I want to calibrate my sensor with minute change of tolerance. I tried slider have integer values. Is there any option to keep float values like +/- 0.5 *C using widget in my Blynk app

@Kumar if you have temperature range of say 15 to 25 degrees you could set the slider as 150 to 250 units and then divide by 10.0 in code to get the 1 decimal place resolution.

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Thank you, @Costas If any other than me works with the project, The UI will be un easy I think! Functionality is good idea.Expecting as increases 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5…

The Step Widget can be set for very precise increments e.g. 0.001 (only shows to 2nd decimal on the widget, but it is counting the thousandths in my test)

Thank you @Gunner and @Costas :gift:. I got a expected. Using Step widget for this scenario.

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