Slider App Widget

In Blynk 2.0 the Slider widget has a setting that says “show value” Off On. If I et it to OFF the widget does not show the value while you slide it. Is it there any reason for that?

Kind regards Emilio

I suspect that you actually meant to say that if you set the slider to ON it still doesn’t display the value. Is that correct?

If not then I’m confused by your question

If my assumption was correct then it would be useful to know if this is on Android or iOS (or both) and the exact version of the app you have installed.


this seems to be due to a lot of unnecessary messages about the intermediate positions of the slider.

Peter, you are right, what I mean is if I set the slider to ON it still doesn’t display the value.
Is on IOS ver 15.6 and App 1.18
The other slide setting is Send values on release only to ON

@Eugene - one for you?


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Does any one having this issue found a work around that can help me?


Simply add a labelled value widget attached to the same datastream. It will display the current value of the slider.


Thanks, it does work. Problem is that my applications, which I am porting from Blynk legacy to new Blynk
use quite a few sliders. And before moving to subscription option I want to get confident with new Blynk.

You asked for a temporary workaround, I’ve provided you with one, but you don’t seem to like it!


Pete don’t make me feel bad, I implemented your work around and I testing my applications. So I am grateful, no doubt but not jumping on joy as the interface is not nice looking. But for testing perfect!!