Sketch won't upload on Intel Galileo

I can’t upload any sketch. I am using an Intel Galileo. I have tried with all the Blynk sketches but none works, the error message instantly appears.
I have tried with Ethernet and Arduino Yun sketches (Downloaded from the internet or Arduino examples) and they work perfectly so I really don’t know what the problem is.

Currently I can’t upload images but as soon as I can, I will upload a photo of the error message I get.

Sorry, but we don’t support Intel Galileo yet.
Here is the list of hardware Blynk works with.

Aww, that´s sad :sob: :sob:
Hope it gets supported soon!

If you are good at writing code, you can start writing it. We will add it of course, but it will take some time.

Good thing I have my Arduino Mega, now I just need to buy an ethernet shield so I can start Blynking! :smile:
Anyway, thanks a lot.
I love Blynk!

@BerniEF You can start Blynking using USB (Serial) while your shield is shipping!

@vhymanskyy How, just uploading the Serial USB sketch?

@BerniEF, the steps are inside the BoardsAndShields -> Arduino_Serial_USB example.

Thanks a lot @vhymanskyy :slight_smile:

Hey @vshymanskyy, I am new at this. So how/where exactly do I connect the serial USB?


Have you looked into Arduino_Serial_USB scetch? To be more precise here is instructions from it:

    1. Edit auth token and upload this sketch.
    1. Run the script (script located in “scripts” folder of library root,
  • e.g. ‘blynk-library/scripts’) for redirecting traffic to server:
  •  for Windows:         scripts/blynk-ser.bat
  •  for Linux and OSX:   ./scripts/ (may need to run with sudo)
  • You can specify port, baud rate, and server endpoint like this:
  •  ./ -c <serial port> -b <baud rate> -s <server address> -p <server port>
  • For instance :
  •  ./ -c /dev/ttyACM0 -b 9600 -s -p 8442
  • Run -h for more information
  • Be sure to select the right serial port (there may be multiple).
  • Attention!
  •    Arduino IDE may complain with "programmer is not responding".
  •    You need to terminate script before uploading new sketch.
    1. Start blynking! :slight_smile: