Situation in Ukraine

I hope this is OK to post. I just wanted to say I hope that anyone in Ukraine or with family there stays safe during everything that is happening.



It’s very nice of you to say, we all hope so, but we only discuss a blynk related issues in this forum, so your topic might be deleted ( I hope not ) :slightly_smiling_face:.

thank you for your high sense of humanity.

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As @vshymanskyy (one of the Blynk co-founders) lives in the Ukraine, then I’d say that unfortunately it is Blynk related. Hope things work out well for you Volodymyr and all of the other Blynkers in that region.



Ukrainian army is strong. Fights back very well. So the situation is fully under the control of Ukraine. So at the moment, everything is fine. Hopefully, it will end very quickly. Thanks all, for your support.


:crossed_fingers:t2:Lets hope it ends ASAP with minimal losses.

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No news from @vshymanskyy ?

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My thoughts are with you all in the Ukraine. I have visited Kiev to visit the great gates - my childhood dream come true from New Zealand. Such a sad time for you and world peace.

Stay safe.


I join the Ukrainian community in this conflict which opposes democracy and freedom of expression to totalitarianism and dictatorship.

courage to the Ukrainian people


We are all Ukraine!

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@Blynk_Coeur Volodymyr is fine. He is far away from the actual fighting. Hopefully, he’ll be able to answer here by himself when we has time.


Thank you Dmitry,
I look at his Facebook account from time to time to get news.


@PeteKnight @Blynk_Coeur @John93 thanks for asking. My family and I are safe and sound.
Moved to the west of Ukraine a few weeks before.
We were planning to return to Kyiv on the same day the war has begun.


Glad to hear that!
I’ve seen your posts on Facebook, but didn’t know where in the country you were.
Stay safe!


Great to hear! Stay safe.

All my friendships for everyone.

Good to hear!
Stay safe my friend.


Any war is evil :face_with_monocle:! God grant evil to all tyrants :rage: and peace to all people :heart_eyes:.

All, thank you so much for your concerns and support. We (the US office) are in close touch with every team member in Ukraine. Everyone is in a relatively safe place at the moment and is even doing their best to continue working. No disruptions of platform operations. Ukrainians are the bravest nation in the world and must win this war. If you are personally looking for ways to help Ukraine, here is a good list of actions you can take and organizations you can contribute to:


From here, from the land of Syria, I say that our hearts are with the people and the Ukrainian army, our enemy and your enemy is one, and they are the Russians

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Perhaps this threat should be pinned? Or at least a thread with the info on how to contribute to Ukraine?