Single view for multiple devices

I’m migrating from the legacy platform to the new one and have read the docs and forum posts but still confused. I thought I would just describe what I’m trying to achieve and maybe get some suggestions from the experts.

I use Blynk as a dashboard for multiple environmental sensors around my house. I have a DIY weather station in the backyard and about 3 other devices in my house that measure temperature and humidity. So let’s say 4 devices total. I’d like to have a single dashboard (web or mobile) that shows telemetry from all 4 devices. So in other words a single dashboard that receives data from different physical devices? This was how I had the Blynk legacy app setup. I just can’t figure out how to do that with the device/template design of the new platform.

Thanks in advance.

You can use automation to forward device data between devices

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Ok thanks. I looked into the automation docs and I think it makes sense. Is my use case the intended use of automation or just a workaround for what I need?

Also I wonder if I can just use the same Blynk device token for several physical devices as a way to populate a single dashboard from multiple devices.

No, don’t do that, it’s a very bad idea.


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It’s just a workaround. Dashboard with multiple devices is on our roadmap.


Hi, Your legacy Blynk use case is identical to mine:

I’ve replicated this using automations:

Also when you click on any device tile it opens the app dashboard for that device to display any additional data you may have for that device:

Once you get familiar with Automations it it pretty intuitive.


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Very nice, Bill. Thanks for the inspiration. Did you end up creating a separate template for each device? So the bedroom bme280 sensor has its own template separate from the garage bme280?

Hi @farzadb , In my case I use a single template for five of the sensors (backroom, bedroom, garage, kitchen & lounge) they are all the same basic BME280 Temperature, Humidity and Pressure sensors.

The WXR Station is more complex (TPH + UV INdex, Wind Speed and Direction + rainfall) so it has a separate template.