Since upgrading to the App 2.18.x I cannot log in with one phone, other works OK

Hi Dmitriy since upgrading to the latest App 2.18 my whole world is now screwed up as I cannot log in to the my project. I have opened Port 443 on my Microtik and tested it which proved to be open Port 8443 also fails, it is also open. I have no problems on my second Phone which which has ver 2.14 on it has not been upgraded to 2.18.0 .
I am really in a bind as I don’t know what further to do.trying to login via port 8433 or port 443 app just hangs connecting.
Here is my Blynk log
11:08:39.145 ERROR- Wrong income message format.
11:08:39.146 WARN - User not logged. / Closing.
11:11:27.697 ERROR- Wrong income message format.
11:11:27.698 WARN - User not logged. / Closing.
11:13:24.121 ERROR- Wrong income message format.
11:13:24.121 WARN - User not logged. / Closing.

As per

With the new App version and Local Server you need to be using 9443 as well as switch any required port forwarding to 9443 on your router.

I have just forwarded the port 9443 which is now open however still the same, message on the app " Sorry, app could not initialize connection to the server"
11:46:26.098 ERROR- Wrong income message format.
11:46:26.099 WARN - User not logged. / Closing.
11:47:12.086 INFO - Blynk-app (android-0) joined.

You hadn’t mentioned whether or not you also upgraded to the latest Local Server.

Hi Gunner yes did do a server up date how do I confirm which version do I have installed on my Rpi don;t know how to check.

If you didn’t change the name of the file you downloaded and setup for autostart… well the version is in the name :wink:

Also, if you manually start LS from a terminal window, after a few seconds it will tell you that it started and what version (usually a newer SNAPSHOT)

Otherwise if you did change the name to something generic… then look at this Topic.

So then go down the list… confirm

  • LS version 0.3.x
  • App 2.18.x (Android)
  • Proper IP and port (9443) in App’s custom login
  • Port property forwarded in router to LS IP (This may only be applicable if your app connects from outside of your local network)

If still issue, but only on one phone, then completely remove and reinstall App.

I can’t think of anything else off top-o-me head

Yah !!! Got it thank you Gunner for putting me on the right road. Problem was the auto start had the old version in the auto start never gave it a thought to change it. Trying hard at my age to keep up with all the modern Technology am real old novice.
Thanks for your patience and time.

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