Since taking 0.5.2 I find the direct access pins on the Arduino go high on reboot

Hi, Sorry I know I should probably dig more but I am hoping someone can save me debug time so I can continue to develop my project :slight_smile:

Blynk is great as an iot platform and has opened many possibilities for my project!

I have an Arduino mega 256 project with a connected relay bank controled Via direct access switches. I last updated the library’s on January 13th roughly, prior to taking 0.5.2

Since taking 0.5.2 I find the direct access pins on the Arduino go high on reboot triggering in my setup the relays. This happens regardless of previous pin status.

This didn’t happen with the 13th of January libraries

If I don’t sych() or pull them low they stay high.

If I use setup to immediately pull them low and / or synch() then they glitch high briefly triggering the relays regardless of previous state being low

If I comment out the blynk code they stay low so doesn’t seem to be default Arduino behaviour either.

I have mainly seen this occur following a code deployment to Arduio.

I suspect though it’s reboot related generally. I’m unable to prove that as Arduino hard reset is difficult to test as the device is remote so I’m using code update to trigger.

I’ll keep looking, but in the meantime I have tried to look through the release announcements but nothing lept out at me and I thought it may to others please?

If not then all I can think to try is switch everything to virtual pins rather than direct access based on a previous thread?

It’s on a local server, though the server hasn’t changed since prior to the library update where this didn’t glitch high.

I would share my code but it’s a mess and code hasn’t changed just the libraries

Thanks for the support

Try adding this to your sketch.


Here is a topic that discuses an issue similar to yours.

Are you sure they are going HIGH and not LOW as MOST relays are active LOW?
Default reboot state of Arduino pins is LOW and from prior testing recent bug fixes by Blynk adhere to this principle.

You are right thank you,
on the relays and having researched I want to switch from blynk.begin to bkynk.config and also to virtual pins as opposed to app direct to hardware pins.

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