Since last update Blynk is sucking too much power

Hi Blynkers,

I notice since the last update that Blynk is sucking too much power. If I keep Blynk running, the iPhone X battery does not make throughout the day, plus it gets very hot. Settings/Battery reports 67% used by Blynk, that is for today which is about the same for every day if I dont close the app. Anybody else experiencing the same?

Using Iphone X, Latest iOS

Do you mean Blynk app update (2.23.0) or iOS update (11.4.1) ?

I have a test iPhone 5s and i have noticed the same thing - battery drains very fast with 2.23.0 and phone gets hot when Blynk app is active. Also, login time is much longer than on Android as it takes about 25 seconds to get into project.

@zodiac How many projects do you have in your account?

I mean Blynk update


I have two or three projects I think. By the way, I need to change the email address on my account, can you help me with that?

Thank you.

I have 15 projects. Everything working fine on Android, login is immediate, no extensive power consumption.

@italex33 we don’t have such functionality. You can pm @Dmitriy and ask hin to change the email address manually.

Thanks, I was just clarifying for myself where to look at to make login faster.

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