SIM900A problem with GPRS

I’m making weather station and I want it to be fully independent. I want to use it on a place without wifi so I bought SIM900A and I’m controlling it with ESP8266 but I can’t connect it with Blynk. I tried with TinyGSM library but it doesn’t work, I get “SIM is missing”, but with AT commands it works and I can send http request. So I tried with UserDefined library but still can’t get it to work. Anyone have suggestion, should I change something?

Have you considered using the Blynk API to upload data to the Blynk server?
This will cut-down the amount of data being transferred and therefore keep your data charges lower.


I would want to control some devices like dc motor, pump etc. So I want to connect it with Blynk app so I can control it with my phone