Sim800l not connect

hi everyone, i use the sim800l it connects to the network via gprs i want to know the blynk server link to add with the AT command to the gsm module.

I tried it but each time same message no connection to blynk

Then you do not have it (the sim800) wired and/or configured properly, which depends on the device you use, with Serial1 or SoftSerial. NOTE: Do not assume the example’s pre-set settings are correct… too many possible variations for that.

And/or you are not setup with the proper BAUD rate (recommend only 9600 for SoftSerial).

should I configure the link at the sim card level through the AT command

AFAIK the only thing you should need to configure via AT mode is the BAUD of the sim800, then match that in the sketch (assuming Software Serial)

I tried many times but still no connection while the sim card is ready to connect

Until you provide much more detailed info on exactly what hardware you are using, how it is connected/powered, and the exact sketch you are uploading (block out any personal info like the Auth), I don’t see how anyone could assist further.

my project is to run a dc motor and a servomotor using an arduino uno and sim800l, I configured the sim800l module using the AT command in such a way that it is ready to connect but now I’m stuck at the connection to blynk even though I try a lot of libraries

That doesn’t tell us much about the code that you’re running on your Arduino.
The SIM800L is simply a modem that’s used to connect your Arduino to the outside world - in this case via a GPRS connection.

As @Gunner said, we need to know how your SIM800L and Arduino are connected, how both devices are powered, plus what sketch you’re using on your Arduino and what results you’re seeing in your serial monitor. It would also be useful to know what AT commands you’ve used to configure your SIM800L

Without that, we can’t help.


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hi, please i need help for my project
i whant to control a dc motor and servo motor with arduino and sim800l
someone can help me please to how config my sim carde (4g) for connecting with blynk
thx all…

Please don’t make multiple topics about same issue… I merged them back together here.

ok sorry