SIM800L gsm modem and Blynk

Does anyone has tried to use this gsm modem with blynk? It would be great for remote areas.

I have just asked a full support for this module to the Blynk Developer Team.
Do you have any updated info ?

Not yet. They didn’t answer.

SIM800L actually is on our roadmap, but I don’t think we will get to it any time soon.
First question: what is the scenario you would like to use it?
You can try using default HTTP examples and use our Server HTTP API to push data. Would it work for you?

Instead of using a Wifi network I would like to use it to push data through its gsm network in a remote area.

@vshymanskyy Hi Volodymyr, the scenario relevanto to my projects is a monitoring system performed in a remote area (e. g. a mountain side) where there isn’t any form of electricity. So I power the system with a LiPo battery charged by a small solar panel and, as you can immagine, any milliampere in excess is crucial. Now I use an AT Mega 328 + ESP8266 + 3G router with a SIM card but the couple composed by ESP + 3G router is very current consuming. For this reason I’d like to substitute this couple with a SIM800 module. This for the scenario.
Regarding the HTTP data exchange, I have noticed that HTTP code is very “memory consuming” and I already stay at memory limit. For this I will appreciate a SIM800 library.
Thank you indeed for your attention and congratulations for your work !!