SIM800 Error Message

Hi gyus. I have the same problems. I tried to use blynk.config instead Blynk.begin of my ESP8266 and SIM800L, but it is give me an error:
exit status 1
no matching function for call to ‘BlynkSIM::config(char [33], TinyGsm&, char [9], char [1], char [1])’

No, you have an error message that wasn’t mentioned in the topic that you posted in, so you have a different problem. That’s why I’ve moved this post to a new topic.

I’d suggest that you post your code (correctly formatted with backticks) and explain in detail what it is that you’re trying to achieve.


My project include ESP8266 NODEMCU V3 + SIM800l+Nextion+Battery. Connection to Blynk Cloud through GSM Sim800l. In docs I found only one way to connect to Blynk - Blynk.begin. But it is hang a code, until it connect to server. There other way for Sim800l, like Blynk.config for wifi connection?


Blynk.config isn’t just for Wi-Fi.


Could you give link to example using it with GSM module, I just can`t find it. All time just begin. Thank you!