Showing Widgets on the Display

I can not find a setting that would allow each widget to be displayed on the display separately. This setting is definitely in Legacy, it’s very convenient! Isn’t she here? Or I can’t find…
I have a display of indicator LEDs. I need it so that when they do not shine, it can be seen in the application that these are separate indicator widgets! But at the moment nothing is visible except for an empty inscription, it looks ridiculous…

Of course, there is a way out - send the number 20 to the LED in the off state, for example, and 255 in the on state.
Then the outline of the LED will be indicated.
But it seems to me very convenient and beautiful when there is a widget outline, as it was in Legacy.

We have in plans backgrounds of widgets or groups of widgets. But I can not provide any estimates for this feature.


Maybe it’s possible to make a setting so that the display of widgets in production mode is the same as in developer mode?
Something similar happened in Legacy.
In any case, thanks for the response to the question.