Show the status of the buttons from Blynk on Node-Red

I’m using node-red (node-red-contrib-blynk-websockets) + iPhone
How do I get the status of the buttons from blynk?

How does “Blynk read event” work in node-red?

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Someone will answer me from support?

Using the Blynk read event is fairly self explanatory.
Add the node to your flow and set-up the Blynk server address (cloud or local) and add your Blynk token then enter the virtual pin that you’re using in your Blynk project.
Add a debug node and link it to your Blynk node and you’ll see the change of status (0 or 1) when you operate the button in your Blynk project.

I use Blynk to talk to Node-Red, then MQTT to allow Node-Red to talk to my ESPs. This means that the ESPs aren’t running any Blynk specific code, just MQTT. This set-up works really well, and you can add a Node-Red dashboard to give another way of controlling your devices and updating Blynk.


I have the simplest setting in both directions.

But how do I know the status of the buttons from the blynk server?
On the iPhone, I clicked the button, the click was saved on the blynk server.
And before NODE-REED yne was delivered due to poor communication.

I want to remotely read the state of the button from the blynk server.
How to do it?

PS The support service never got connected, although I paid $ 15 for energy. :frowning:

If you’ve configured your node-red Blynk nodes correctly they will instantly reflect any changes in the buttons on the sketch.
I use a series of sliders on the iPhone version of Blynk to control RGB settings I’d LED lights. Node-red shows the changes to the sliders and other switches instantly as they occur.

When you deploy your node-red flow, do the Blynk nodes say ‘connected’ against them?


When you deploy your node-red flow, do the Blynk nodes say ‘connected’ against them?

And what happens if you turn off the Internet.
And on iPhone via 3G turn on the button?

It works exactly the same way. I’m currently 200 miles from home and can control my lighting using cellular data or local internet connection - not that there’s much point in doing that!
I’m using the Blynk cloud servers, are you?


So do I.
Reliable connection between Iphone client and Cloud Blynk.

But there is no guarantee of a link between Cloud Blynk and Node-red

Can you get off the screen of the Node-ed trim?

I’ve been running thus setup now for a few months and haven’t had any Blynk cloud to node-red connection issues. Having said that, I only use Blynk for manual override of the lighting. Most of the control comes from within node-red using Peter Scargill’s Big Timer.
If you need confirmation on your phone of the status of the device that’s being switched then add a node-red Blynk-write node linked to a virtual pin which is in turn linked to an LED widget on your phone.

Sorry, I don’t understand the question. If you’re asking for a screenshot of my node-red flow then I’m afraid I can’t do that for the next 10 days as I’m away at the moment and don’t have remote access to my node-red server.


linked to an LED widget on your phone.

This is done.

If you’re asking for a screenshot of my node-red

Sorry for bad english…(google translate)

I watched for several days on my phone the system.

If you lose the connection between the cloud and the node-red buttons and the LED is not updated.

I switched off the Cloud yesterday.