Show "offline or online" message on Bynk IoT mobile app

Hi everyone
Here’s the thing
Is there any way to show on Blynk IoT the device status?
Something like the pic I’m adding

I know we can ask Blynk mobile app to send us notifications when the device goes offline, but I want to see it on the GUI
Thanks in advance

You can use API to check device status

There are two ways.

  1. Coding method:
    You can use the HttpClient library to make the request and then send data to the cloud. But when the internet connection drops, it will be useless. The device won’t be able to send the data to the cloud.

  2. No coding method:
    You can use an external app/tool to check device status and send the data to the cloud. Like a tasker, automate, Node-RED, etc…

You can add a blinking led and 3 lines in your code :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You should be able to use the “Default Value” and “Invalidate in” settings of the datastream configuration screen to achieve this.

You’d need to send “Online” to the virtual pin every 1 second (using a timer, and a Blynk.virtualWrite command). If the server doesn’t receive a value on this virtual pin for 5 seconds it should show as offline.



It’s quite a sharp solution
Thanks a lot Pete :slight_smile:

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