Show connectivity more visible


I’m in South Africa - and internet access quality varies from incredible to almost useless :frowning:

Please give more visibility if a unit is connected or not.

At the moment the Android app shows at times a notice for a short duration at the bottom of the screen - but this is in my case not enough :smile:




Hey Nico, yeap we aware of that issue. We plan to provide regional servers soon. But until that you may try local Blynk server.

Hi Dimitry,

thanks for the response.

A regional server will in my case not solve the problem :frowning:

The problem is a “last mile” issue. Eg the local Telco can’t provide me with stable ADSL faster than 512kb/s upload and 2MB/s down. Even then, quite often ping losses exceeds 50%.

My suggestion: Please provide a “widget” in the Android app that I can use to show connection status very visible :smile:


PS: Connecting from a ESP8266 - first steps only


In that case you could use a LED and this sketch. Idea is next - every X seconds send an ON and OFF command to a LED with small interval so you will see visually if all is ok (if LED in APP is Blinking).

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Works a charm :smile:


Colud you resend one more time the mentioned sketch? its seems githup is no longer shown your link… thanks in advance…

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