Sharing Template with Organizations and Sub

Am I the only who can’t find the Edit button in the Template page to enable templates for Sub-Organizations and organizations in a pro account ?

I use to share templates with different organizations after the console’s new visual update, i can’t seem to find how to do so. Can anyone help ? I already wrote to support and they ask 3-5 business days to answer…


Isn’t it the device that you transfer, not the template?


You would think so ! But no, you have to first enable the template in the organization or sub-organization to be able to transfer the device… In my opinion it would only make sense that the template transfers with the device, but i don’t understand the idea behind it.

That’s not how it works for me.
Just select your device, choose Transfer, Transfer by Organisation Name choose your sub-organisation and hit Transfer.


Tried again as you said. Doesn’t work see the attachment for the error I get.
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 16.13.39

The official documentation says:

In order to see what other templates are available to be enabled, click the ‘Edit’ button at the upper right of the Blynk.Console.

That edit button disappeared on my side and i’m still the admin for that account. I can create new templates, but I can’t seem to enable them for others.

Thanks for trying to help @PeteKnight maybe @Pavel can take a look. This seems to be some kind of permission error on my account.

Hello @fredodupoux.

  1. Only the developer can edit templates. Main admin in your root organization.
  2. Previously, there was a function to edit templates when creating an organization
    Now, templates created in the main organization are automatically displayed in the suborganization.

You main admin in your root/main org?

Also please check your permissions in templates section

@fredodupoux also about this issue

Perhaps you previously blocked some old template for some suborganization? And you dont see this template in suborganization?

Thank you for replying:

Yes i am the main account. I double checked my permissions everything looks normal on my side.

No I did not, and it’s the same for all the templates in my account both templates I’ve already shared with other organizations and new templates I create now.

@fredodupoux This error:

Can't transfer device. Target Organization doesn't have such Product.

is displayed after transfer device if sub-org does not have template from which device was created.

But if you told, that your all organizations (main and sub-orgs) have same templates, it is very strange that you receive this error. Need some time to investigate this issue and your strange case.

@fredodupoux hello, could you please tell me what device do you try to transfer and to which org? You can send me a private message if that is sensitive info.

I can’t enable any of my templates to any of my sub-organizations. It looks like my “edit” button in the template page disappeared.
If you want to try a specific one, try moving the “epever solar monitor” to any of my sub-orgnization.
or any of the 3 devices in my main account to another sub-organization.

Do you try to edit your template from the root (your main) org? Or you try to edit from suborganizations?

Currently, we have a bug where “Edit” button is not available in the sub-organizations. It is fixed. But not yet deployed. So maybe that’s the issue you’re seeing.

Ok. Yeah… I see that your template for that specific device wasn’t propagated to the sub-organizations. For now, the simplest/fastest fix would be to recreate the template.

Somedays ago we had a feature that allowed you to “unselect” the templates from the sub organizations so they were no longer available for them. After a while, we removed that feature (as it caused problems with the “transfer” feature for the end users). It seems like you were unlucky to “unselect” the templates at some point in the past.

Sorry for inconveniences.

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