Sharing Project between Android and iPhone

Good afternoon,

I have a problem with QR code sharing.

I created a project with raspberry from an android phone and I would like to share it with some other devices.
If I scan the code from an Android phone there are no issues, but when someone with iOS device tries to scan the QR the application says that “This is not a valid QR code”. How is possible to solve?

P.s I also tried to refresh the code and create a new one but the problem persists
Thank you and regards

Sounds like there is a common iOS issue with Sharing… it was also mentioned here just yesterday…

@Eugene FYI

@Paolo_Beriola Can you supply further info on exact App versions and if you are using Local Server (and it’s version) or Cloud.

@Gunner the app version downloaded from the app store (iOS) is the 2.23.0, instead from android is the 2.27.0
And I’m using Cloud

@Paolo_Beriola Yep, there is known issue of Android -> iOS compatibility of sharing QR codes. Will be fixed soon. For a temporary workaround you can pm me your QR code from Android.


Hi, I am experiencing the same issue. I am new to the forum and don´t know how to send you a pm. Could you please point me in the right direction? Have a nice day