[Sharing] My esp housing solution

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I’ve finished modifying my housing for my door sensors. Soldering Inc soon! If you need small battery powered projects this is for you.

Doesn’t get much bigger than 2x18650s :slight_smile:

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Very clever use of a battery box, compact and a power switch! :+1:

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The best part about it, it has a hole cutout already for wiring, and fits a esp8266-12 module, however I’m making use of my 01s. The height can be a little tight but I’ll post an update once I get time from wife and kid to actually do some soldering :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an update, half way. Enough for today!

[details=Like a glove ]

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I love your solution for soldering the ams33 on there (or whatever its called). I’m gonna do that to, with a pinheader like that!

Ay, was thinking of adding some clipped of legs from like a resistor or capacitor but this was more robust! Glad you liked it, and it’s the HT7333.

Some tip from experience, pre-solder the pins and align the middle one first, focus on getting it held by solder, ignore any ugly looks. Then when you finish a second pin it’s easier to adjust the middle one :slight_smile: