Sharing Multiple Projects on the same Device


First Blynk App is super :slight_smile: but …

I have made few projects and few of them i would like to share with my family.

With only 1 project there was no problem. I just shared my QR code and the project worked. But when i shared additional project to the same device it has overwritten the 1st one. Even if i have created/logged in new profile. I thought it would create simple carousel for choosing the multiple projects like i have on my own phone but i did not.

Than i have tried some App for cloning. But it was so unstable that i didnt work. Original Blynk App froze …

So my question is:

  1. Is there and other way to do it(i would not like to share my login pass; they can delete widgets, whole project or something else :smiley: )?
  2. Do u have any plan to implement carousel option for hosting projects?


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Yes… perfectly normal… An MCU like Arduino or ESP can only load and run one sketch (program) at a time… so if you want it to do many things, you have to program all those things (within limits of RAM and GPIO pins) into one sketch.

The Blynk App on the other hand, can control many projects (all stored and running on the Blynk Server)… and each project can control many MCUs if needed.

Multi-user Projects (via multiple phones all using same account login) is exactly that… multiple users simultaneously controlling/editing one (or more) projects with however many devices it is linked to.

Sharing a project is a “read only” way of demonstrating your project with another user… but they can only control it, not edit it.

Cloning a project is basically making a copy of the App side of your creation, that you can then provide to others to use, with their own account login, on their own MCU devices, running copies of the applicable sketch.

Sharing a project is a “read only” way of demonstrating your project with another user… but they can only control it, not edit it.

Yes but if u share multiple read projects with someone it is painful to switch between them. U need to exist Blynk App, load other project with QR or from link in mail. And than repeat again and again. They are using my projects on daily basis it is not practical. It should have been like 1 Blynk App(carousel) for multiple read projects. Some sort of saving read projects …

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Sounds like you are just using Blynk and it’s sharing and/or multi-user options incorrectly.

If you have multiple users needing to all control one or more MCU/projects, then give them all the same login credentials… if you don’t want them messing up your development projects, then setup a separate account for them and their “production” level projects… clone what you have made over to that account and let them at it :wink: If you need to make tweaks, then you log into that account, and do so.

The “read only sharing” is NOT intended for mass ‘production’ purposes… it is a simple “Hey look at what this does” way of sharing without worry of damage.

Maybe the developers will change that down the road… or not… This is the Free development side of Blynk.

If you have custom needs then you can have Blynk develop that for you on the business side

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