Sharing device issue

I try to share my device. So I have created first on the smartphone an account with the e-mail of the person I want to share my device. When i go to my blynk console, and try to share my device : I have a error message saying that the e-mail exist (of course I have created an account with this e-mail). I think I have to delete the new account I have created but I don’t know how to do that.

The correct way to do this is entirely from your own account. You start by inviting a new user to your account, then that user will get an email invitation. When they follow the instructions in the email they will become a user within your account…

However, you can’t invite a user whose email address is already associated with a different Blynk account. It sounds like you’ve created a separate account in this person’s name, so you’ll probably need to have this person use an alternate email address that doesn’t have a Blynk account associated with it.

Once you’ve done this, then what happens next depends on whether you have a Free, Maker or Pro subscription to Blynk.

If you have a Free or Maker subscription then you’ll need to transfer ownership of the device to the person you invited into your organisation. If you have a Pro account then you will need to choose an appropriate user type, and if necessary adjust the permissions settings for that account type to give them appropriate access and control of the device(s).