Sharing access function isn't very easy to actually share

I have just created a door counter app for my wife’s work and I wanted to share the access so she can view when people have come and gone.
I shared access via the app and it works fine.

The little issue I faced was if I didn’t have my wifes phone physically here to scan the QR code displayed on my phone, then I would have to share the QR image to her via an messaging service. Thats fine, it works.

BUT… then she can’t scan her own phone screen with the camera… and this I think is a major problem when it comes to the shared access process.

I think the app should be updated so that I could either:

  1. Pick the QR from your photo roll or photo folder after she saves it from the message I sent
  2. Store recently used shared projects on my wife’s phone so that next time her phone resets and the blynk app closes down, she can just select the recently used shared app from the login screen.


Wasn’t there also a url provided when you did the share?

I selected text message to send it and it sent a photo of the QR code.

But email is normally free compared with a cost for SMS.

You can paste url’s to SMS.

I have unlimited sms/data/calls on my account so that isnt an issue.

Its more that the only way to share is to use the QR code image and that makes it hard for the receiving device to use it with out putting it on ANOTHER device to scan it.

You are right and I have noticed it but I guess that is why the url is also provided.

Screenshot the URL page please because iOS app doesnt have any URL link available.

For Android when it shows the QR image there is a Share button. If you then use email as the sharing process and send it to yourself (or your wife) you get this email:

Does it work for iOS?

Nope different.

We will add url for iOS.

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