Sharing a project

I have developed an built a chicken coop door project (ESP32 & Blynk Cloud Server) for my daughter for Christmas and it is working fine on my Android phone.
My daughter and son in law both use iPhones and I know what to do on the ESP3 side to make sure the WiFi works on the LAN. However I do not understand how to “move” the app I developed on my Android to their iPhones.
I assume they install the Blynk app on their phones but I would like to know how best to get the app I developed and tested on my Android to their phones?
I know this might be a rookie question but I believe this just another fundamental part of Blynk I am not familiar with. Best Regards and thanks in advance, Steve

How much Blynk energy does this project require, is it more than the 2000 points that you get for free?
Also, are there any other projects that you have, or plan to create in Blynk with your Blynk account?

The simplest solution would probably be for your daugher and her partner to set-up their own Blynk account, which they both sign-in to on their individual phones. You then clone the project and they scan the resulting QR code on their phones. They will then get a different Auth code, which you’ll need to use in the sketch - along with their WiFi credentials.

The drawback to this approach is that they may need to buy some Blynk energy for their account. Also, either of them could put the app into edit mode and add/delete/change the widgets. If you’re happy to give them this degree of control (and they could always re-scan the QR code to get back to how it was) then this is the simplest approach.

The other way is for you to share the project from your account. This costs 1000 energy units (non-refundable) and then only you have editing rights. The shared users wouldn’t be able to edit anything, but otherwise have full control. With this setup, if you put the app into stop (edit) mode on the ‘master’ account then the other users won’t be able to access it until you put it back into play (run) mode. Any changes you made while it was in edit mode will be reflected in the shared version of the app.


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Thank you Pete,
Your second suggestion to “share” the project from my account is probably the way to go. I have purchased a number of energy points as I plan on future Blynk projects and they really don’t have a need or ability to edit the app.
Are there any step by step instructions to allow me to “share” this app with them and get it running on their iPhones? They will be visiting for the holidays and that will be my first opportunity/experience to access their iPhone .
Your support of the chicken coop Christmas present is much appreciated. Next project will be to monitor a bee hive!

Sharing is very easy.
Stop the project and click the ‘nut’ icon and you’ll see the sharing option at the top of the screen…

Once shared, the ‘generate link’ option will give you a QR code.

Your daughter and her family will need to download the Blynk app, and at the login screen they click the QR code icon near the bottom of the screen…

They’ll need to grant access to the camera, then scan your QR code. That’s it!


Thanks again Pete,
This is perfect, I’m afraid learning curves have been getting steeper as I age!
Much appreciated, Steve