Sharing a dashboard layout or a group of widgets(Not shared access)


I searched around the forum here but I’m not seeing the answer to my question.

We design and manufacture electronics. We are looking to offer our customer’s a quick and simple smart phone interface to our devices. Blynk is 99% perfect for what we are doing, however there is one really small thing we’re looking for.

We want to create a dashboard or group of widgets, and share that dashboard with our users. Lets take an 8 relay controller for instance. We’d like to build a dashboard with 8 buttons and 8 LEDs that allow for controlling the relays and monitoring the relay status. Each button and LED will be connected to different Virtual pins. We are not looking to share access to the device, just a dashboard where the user would enter the Auth token for their device. We don’t want them to have to add all those widgets manually because lets face it people are really lazy. Is this possible or is this something we would need to contact Blynk about for custom development?

As you mention

this would imply that this is for business/commercial use, and thus should have proper licensing and would require a business/commercial plan.