Shared project in existing account

Hi all,
Could anyone of you (or maybe even Pavel or Dmitry) tell me if the possibility to add a shared project to the project drawer instead of logging out in order to use a shared project. I am using Blynk right now for home automation and I would really like everybody to have the project in their account.

So if anybody could tell me if it’s in the works then that would be great. If it’s not well please please please @Pavel implement it because I (and many others I assume) really need that.



What’s the point of sharing the project with yourself inside the app.
Those whom you want to share with should scan the code without logging in.

@Pavel I think this is the important bit i.e. @emiellr isn’t wanting to share his project with himself (if male), he wants other Blynkers to have his shared project in their dashboard.

Sounds like a good idea.

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The whole point is to have multiple shared projects in your dashboard instead of being completely crippled when having a shared project opened

My family has their own projects too thet work on. They want to see their projects and my shared project at the same time and not have to log out to see mine. I think it’s possible and maybe not even hard to just have a shared project show up as a normal project in the drawer, but not editable​.

This is not for my own good, and this addition would really help for people who want to use Blynk for some home automation for which it is INCREDIBLY fitting. This is so far the only thing about Blynk I don’t like.



I’m totally with you. Same problem here and almost a year since you posted your suggestion. It’s somehow ridiculous that there hasn’t anything changed so far. The app sharing is junk. Totally useless if you have multiple active Blynk users in the family (like me). I hope there will be some changes in the near future (i.e. not 2023)

Love your positive attitude… makes me just want to jump in and sla… assist… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the future… Now, as was Then, if you simply give all members of the family (you do trust your family right?) the same account login (or make up a special one for household use)… Then each and every one can have full individual or even simultaneous control over the projects they want, with minimal fuss… unlike shared bathrooms :rofl:

Project “sharing” is a ‘non-junky’ demonstration mode for cases when you want to show a stranger, technophobe or someone with whom you DON’T want to share account info, but still want to give them temporary (or longer term - your choice) read-only access to one of your projects.

So don’t “be a tool” and use the proper tool for proper use :wink:

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