Shared project blocking

Hello team,

I made for my friend an automation for heating, the project is on my phone(Lenovo A5000) until I test the system and shared on my friend phone (Samsung S7).
On my phone everything is working perfect.
On my friend phone the app stay blocked until I delete all superchart. I think that happened until I made a factory reset of my phone, maybe is a coincidence.

we unistalled the Blynk and reinstalled, it is the same.
I can send more info if is needed.

Is there a way to share a part of the project? not all butons and data are important for shared users. Ex. if I put a setup page i don’t want to be accesible for all.

Thank you

Not at the moment. Clone the project to yourself and remove what you don’t wan to share with the world.

It is a limit of energy for shared projects?
I don’t know why on my phone Blynk is ok but the shared project after opening the app every thing is blocked.
after I delete the superchart from the project, it works.

that happened after I upgraded my old charts to superchart.


What do you mean by that? Could you please provide us with screenshot?

If I have in the project superchart widget on the shared project when it’s started, Blynk app is bloking.
Didn’t work any button, back button from the phone too.
In the first post I have the screenshot of the blocked Blynk, all selections are blocked.

After removing the superchart from the project the shared is working again.

And to whom I have shared the project is the final user, we share the same data from one arduino mega.
He is the owner of the automation, but I support him until every thing is working well.

@ferox please check with latest app version.

Since Sharing is more suited for demonstration purposes… perhaps just have both of you log into same account (perhaps make one for him) and then just teach him to NOT stop or edit the project until you are done (and the warranty is over :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )