Shared project and desktop widgets

I shared my project with my wife’s android - risky I know.

Opened up the shared project on her phone. Then tried to create a desktop widget on her phone with a widget from the shared project. Was asked to add some energy as the shared project on her phone had none. Manage to pay for 1000 units as per normal but energy was not added!

Set blynk up with an account on her phone. had some energy but I’m not sure if the energy of the new account included the energy I just purchased whilst in the shared app trying to add a desktop widget. Cant see the shared project in her new account anyway as we know (I see that with was a request some time ago and I agree it would be nice to see your own and shared projects in the project array). So because I can’t see the shared project whilst logged into her new account I couldn’t immediately add a widget to the desktop from the shared project :slight_smile:

I somehow then was able to add a desktop widget from the shared project but no idea how I did it and can’t seem to add another!

Any pointers here:

  1. where’s the energy gone that I purchased?
  2. is it possible the add a desktop widget from a shared project?
  3. If it is how the hell did I manage it to do it once and not again?

First, by share, I assume you meant that literally… in which case what probably happened is that you spent the 1000 non-recyclable energy (from your account - of which you may have subsequently purchased 1000 replacement… thus looking like nothing happened), and then generated the link that was used to share the project (as read only) onto her phone, via her App that wasn’t logged into yet (that IS how it is supposed to work).

But in this case, I didn’t think you could then also have a desktop icon on her device, running the read only shared project… but I never tried it to see.

- Share access to your hardware. Think about giving someone an App for your Project. They can’t modify, but can control and see what’s there.

Then later, if you setup another account on her phone, it will be a totally separate account from yours… separate energy (I believe it starts with 2000), projects, auth codes, etc.

This other method of sharing (cloning) a project is available between different accounts, but the cloned project will not work on the same hardware (due the separately controlled auth codes), it requires it’s own devices.

- Share your Project configuration. Others will get a clone of your project by scanning a given QR link, but they won’t be able to control your hardware. It’s great for tutorials, instructables, etc.

I should also mention a third method… not so much of sharing projects, rather simultaneously accessing and controlling one accounts projects on multiple phones, tablets and even emulators. This is done by simply using the same login for the account in question on each device… just remember that what is done via one phone is replicated on all… since the project is actually on the server and the phone/tablet/etc is just an interface to that account/project.

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Thanks for your measured response.

Yes shared as in shared. Yes I spent 1000 units to get the shared link to the other phone from my account on my phone.

But now this is where it gets interesting. The fundamental question I have for @Dmitriy is whether or not it is intended to allow a read only shared project to have a desk top icon? In any case, I think there is a problem whether or not is intended which I will explain below.

  1. I opened up the shared read only project on my wife’s phone. It ran as expected. I was not logged into any account on my wife’s phone.
  2. I then started the normal procedure of creating a blynk desktop icon on my wife’s phone. I was able to select a widget from the shared project but when I tried to place it on the desktop I was asked to buy 100 units. There were no units available on the shared read only project.
  3. On my wife’s phone I was then allowed to buy and pay for units via paypal was per normal
  4. However, after paying, the units were not added to the shared project and I was unable to continue to place the widget on the desktop. I was just put into a potential loop of paying and then not receiving units.
  5. So I’ve paid for units and they have disappeared and I have not got what I wanted to do - a desk top icon.

So if it is intended to have a desktop icon for a shared read only project there appears to be a problem where units are bought, disappear and the an icon can not be created.

If it is not intended to have a desktop icon for a shared read only project then why allow the widget to be selected, pay for it and then for it not to work?

… the third method…this works a treat. Logging into the blynk instance on my wife’s phone using my login details allows me to place a widget on the desktop using my account’s units. I then logout and load the shared instance of the project as per normal. Nice one.

Thanks. I did not think to try that as I thought maybe there would be a lock on multiple logins.

@koaiwi that’s a bug. I think you are just the first person who created the widget for the shared project :slight_smile:. Please tell me your login account I’ll give you energy.

Assuming your wife’s phone is Android…

Because there was no account yet made… this probably shouldn’t have been allowed to happen… @BlynkAndroidDev thoughts?

This sounds like your wife’s Google Play Account sent money to Blynk but since there is no matching/linked Blynk account to put the energy into, it is in limbo… you may have to PM that info to @Dmitriy

EDIT… doh… beaten to the punch by 1 min :slight_smile:

@Gunner correct. it is just a scenario we didn’t think of.

Thanks for the reply @Gunner and @Dmitriy

@Dmitriy don’t worry about refunding. It was just a $ or 2.

So you are saying that a shared project should not be able to create a desktop icon? That’s the bug? Or it should and the bug is with dot dealing with payment correctly?

I have a habit of finding bugs in scenarios people have not thought of. I have plenty of practice in finding my own bugs where I’ve not thought things through :slight_smile:

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I think in case of the shared project widget should be just free and thus has no issue with payment.

This issue will be fixed in next release with possibility to use home screen widgets on shared projects.