Shared App UI (and QR share) has issues from Android to iOS

I have an app that I created in Android and I’m sharing it with another person that has an iOS device.
In the iOS device the button labels are missing and the value in the gauge is missing as well.

Also, there is no Up/Down button in iOS, the placeholder says “coming soon”…

Is this still in beta, or what?

iOS and Android, being completely different platforms, do progress at different rates. As mentioned many times in this forum, the developers are working hard on improving Blynk on iOS and patience is your best option. Search iOS in this forum for more info.

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So basically, I would have to build two separate apps, one for iOS and one for Android in order to share them respectively?

I have an app that i created and want to share it’s use on my ESP8266 device.

When I send the Share email to a recipient, they get the email, but there is no QR code in the email.
there is a tiny url but clicking that goes to a blank page…

Is this a bug?

Probably not a Blynk bug, rather one or both of these issues… the recipients email is not allowing images to be shown, and tinyurl may be negatively affecting the link (a Google search shows many references where URL shorteners can act up).

I would suggest getting the recipient to check their email settings to allow viewing of the image.

Tiny URL - is known iOS bug.

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I hate to disagree, but I have checked the email in different email clients and there is no QR code image.
Both clients are set to show images.

Second, if tinyurl has issues, the why use it… Basically what I am saying is that in both cases it did not work…

Are you sending the QR share from iOS or Android device?

Well, we just release the huge update for iOS. So some things may be broken. This is expected and will be fixed asap. Sorry for inconveniences.

As your two topics are both related to the same IOS issue, I have merged them together.

No need for that. Just don’t use widgets that are not yet implemented on iOS (eventor, level display, video, stepper).

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Well, how would I know if the widgets are not available in iOS, if I don’t have an iOS device?

I just listed them :

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As for Tinyurl… if it works for the majority of the time/userbase then that is why they use it.

But for the email issue… then perhaps the issue is your email client NOT sending the image?? I use Gmail and sending/receiving QR codes work all the time.

Have you tried one of the many other alternative methods to share the QR code? SMS, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.?

Also, label text does not show up on the iOS buttons and gauge… I guess this is a bug then?

Good grief, is this that much trouble to send/receive a QR code? Maybe the app is not converting it to an image correctly??

No… many other Android users use that feature, probably daily even. I use it all the time to backup my apps and/or transfer between servers.

Have you tried emailing to yourself to see what happens?

I just tested. QRs are fine. Regarding labels - hard to say. Noone reported that. We’ll check.

Yes, emailed myself… Did not see QR code image…Very strange…

Make sure you are running latest App version.