Shared Access wont Stay On or Share

Morning. :slight_smile:

Been working on a series of project, culminating in a project that I want to share. I’ve been through the existing related topics raised, with some of them clearly fixed, but with no explanation of what the fix was, I’m afraid I’m no further forward.

Issue 1

On the master phone, the project s working very well, but having switched on the Shared Access (Project Settings), I find it won;t stay switched on. Having switched it on and moved back to the project screen the project is still working OK, but on returning to the Project Settings screen, the Shared Access is switched off again.

Issue 2:

I’ve set Shared Access ON - repeatedly - and generated the link… at least twice! I’ve sent the generated link to my work phone. Having installed the Blynk App from Google Play - No problems there - I’ve clicked on the Link that’s supposedly pushing the Project details. the message ‘…app is no longer available, sorry’ pops up.

I’ve tried scanning the QR code from my master project phone on to the Work phone too… same results. So… the target phone isn’t picking up the new project.

The second issue is likely the result of the 1st, so if you can see why I can’t switch on the sharing feature that would probably resolve the second issue. I’ve got over 23,000 points in my coffers, so it’s not a shortage of energy.


Hello. Is that Android or iOS? Latest version? What phone model do you have? Local or cloud blynk server?

Hi. Android. Main phone is HTC ONE M8 running Android 6.0. Target phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) running Android 5.0.

Using Blynk Servers, I. E. Not local.

I can see you guys have been working the problem, with the target phone giving intermittent connection to servers and app working. It’s up and down though.

Unconnected issue, or maybe not, but the info I’m seeing in the terminal widget on both master and client phones has glitched. Was working perfectly this morning, but hh:mm:ss is now being interpreted as strangeness eg - 6:0-18:0-29

Afternoon guys (& gals?)

Haven’t heard from you since your query about the O/S on the phones (thanks for looking in, Dmitriy), but having juts checked out the reported issue I’m glad to report that the system appears to be working pretty well.

No drop-outs in the last few minutes, the project ‘master’ is now allowing a permanent Share to stay in place (Shared Access > Project Settings > Share On/Off is staying ON) and the phone I’m testing the share on is working really well. No more error messages and it’s hooking up tot he server quickly.

Would be good to have some feedback from you as to what the problem was, but hat’s off to you; fast work guys. :grin:

Many Thanks

Thanks! But we didn’t change anything :laughing:. Look like your issue was internet connection or router.

I also had the same problems but they just went away after I restarted the app a few times.