Shared access problem (low energy or incorrect token)

I have an project in my account. And I have a balance 2500 enrergy.
I created new account on the another Android device, then I share by email project. When I opened the link blynk said me that I have not enough power. Then I bought 2400 twice. But when I tried to open shared link it says me that I still have no enough power. How much power should I have to start shared project?

p.s. When I relogin to app I can see the project but with the different auth token.

Is it sharing or cloning that you wish to do?
Android or iOS?
How much energy does the project use (some of mine are 12K so you wouldn’t be able to clone with less than 12K).
Sharing costs 1K.
Shared project must be running from master device for sharers to be able to use it.

It is sharing and this is Android. The shared access is enabled on a source blynk. I have 2500 of energy on main phone. The project costs 4200. I have 6800 power on secondary blynk.

I think you are talking about cloning as sharing doesn’t require energy from end user.

Please follow this instruction on order to make it work -

@Dmitriy I’m not sure either way.

@DufeRob which link are you creating?

This one (sharing):

or this one (cloning)

The first link costs 1000 units of Energy for the creator (sharing) and the second link costs the recipient the amount of Energy required to run the project (cloning).

If you are using the first link can you please give a few more details and possibly screenshots, without buying more Energy.

My mistake was that I create a new account on the second device and log to it in. After logout and new try it works.
Another question: can I give the battery power from that new account to my original one?

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