Shared access - free 30 days trial

Hello Fellowship of the Blynk

Today I read in the Blynk App say

This is for real?
what happens after 30 days?
I’m working so hard as I can, But now I fear that all this job
could be a lost time.

I’ve discovered that Blynk is the best APP for my IOT
Please tell me what is coming…


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Hi ArtGan,

First of all: none of your work will be lost or locked. You’ll be able to continue.

However, in order for us to develop Blynk, we need to add paid paid services.

If you really like Blynk and think it saves your time, we hope for your support. Imagine byuing us a cup of coffee once a month :coffee: :smile: - that would be the price.


Hi Pavel,
This is new information to me, if I remember well I dont red about it yet.
Blynk is a paid software? of free?


Now it’s free, but it will have paid features in Q1 2016


No Problem Pavel

Blynk worth it and more
The community is with you guys :satellite:

but the APP you think to sell or rent montly?
what about the soft Blynk for local server?

you must to tell us what is coming, 2016 is around the corner

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What about shared access on local server? Is it still going to cost us monthly fees?


We didn’t decide this yet. Under internal discussion :grinning:.


I have looked all over the community and see bits and pieces related to subscription services. Is there a list in one central place that explains what the plan is and what things will require a subscription. I am sure you do not have all the answers yet. Maybe you could provide a basic idea of what the intentions are so that those who are developing projects using Blynk will have some idea of what those costs might be. For instance, I have read a few posts stating it will cost roughly the same as a cup of coffee per month. Does that mean just to have the app or what exactly?

Thank you

Here is an overview how it will work: