Share widget between devices to other users

do you have any plans to add a share widget between devices with options
like include a share function to pass data onto another user outside your own account
while web hooks work and your new share data between your own devices is good
a single widget would be better.

like mesh network data sharing

i see your system is set up for this but only at commercial level.

Supported topologies

Connected products can have various topologies.

2.Direct communication* with the Blynk.Cloud. Cellular or Ethernet devices can connect to the Internet and authenticate in Blynk.Cloud

4.Gateway (hub)* topology. In this setup, the gateway is connected to the Internet, and nodes are sending the data to the gateway. The gateway then processes the messages and sends them to the Blynk.Cloud

6.Mesh Network* . This is similar to the gateway setup above, but in mesh networks, each device can reroute messages from any device to the gateway

It’s easy to pass data to/from devices from other accounts if you use Node-Red with the Blynk IoT plug-in


You can use the HttpClient library to make HTTP GET, POST, and PUT requests. So you can use it to share data between devices, even if they belong to different organizations.


Hi we all ready use HttpClient at hardware level to pass data between gateways .
what i was looking for was more like a console widget. that non program users can set at the blynk end
with a simple token auth
thanks for input.

Its a bit more complex than a single end to end network to blynk as we operate C2 gateways with multiple front end connections and multiple cloud based servers to those gateways.
this is why the question was asked if blynk was looking at a share widget to pass data to other users on its network.