Share project on wifes phone

I made a garage door opener how can I also put project on wifes phone so she can open garage door also thanks

Make her download the app and generate a link from your app. then make her scan the QR code from your phone with the app on her phone ( she does not need an account). Or you can just make her login on your account via her phone.

follow the steps here :


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Let me know if you find any kind of bugs with your project, we are planning on probably doing the same but are worried for security reasons. With that i mean the garage door opening randomly because of a bug in the middle of the night etc.

sp far works great and I have it to show me when opened and closed emails me

@Dema323 My first BLYNK project was a garage door opener. Magnetic sensor to detect when Main garage door is open/not closed, relay to control main garage door, another magnetic sensor to detect when door from house to garage is opened, a push button to open/close garage door locally and a PhotoResistor to detect if garage lights are on or off (no control over lights yet though, future addition). Push Notifications throughout.

At first, I was worried as you are, but it has been running rock solid for quite some time now (6+ months). To this day no false triggers at all (knock on wood). If there are going to be any bugs I would suspect that they would come from the code, not so much BLYNK.

Hope this gives you some confidence for your future projects.

that awesome