Share device with user with free licence

I’m new on Blynk (befoe I use arduino cloud) and I must say that you are 100 light years ahead arduino cloud! Keep good work!
I come to point that I need your help.
I have maker plan, but my friend use free one. Can I share device with him and how to do this?

best regards

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If you invite your friend to become a user in your organisation then you can share your device with him, by transferring ownership of the device to him.

However, if he already has a Blynk account associated with his email address you won’t be able to invite him in to your organisation, unless you do that via a different email address.


So if I understand you well there is no possible to share projects with other users?!
This is something that I don’t like at all :frowning: :sob:
Example: I do a river flow and temperature measurement and I cannot share data

That’s not exactly what I said.

You CAN share your devices with others, by inviting them to become users within your Blynk organisation. These people count towards YOUR user total (currently 10 with the Maker subscription)…
For them to be able to see and control the devices in your organisation with the Free or Maker plan they need to be made the owner of the device.
With the Pro subscription this works differently, and they don’t need to be the device owner to see the data, and you can restrict their ability to control devices.

What Blynk does tallow you to do is to have one device appear in multiple organisations (yours and your friends).

That’s actually a slightly different scenario. It is possible to use the HTTP(S) API to send data to any device 8n any organisation, but that wasn’t what you asked in your original question.
I can expand on this if you wish, if that’s what your actual requirement is, but only if you expand on the actual scenario you’re asking about.


Hi Pete
Thanks for explanation.
I think I understand you why.
OK not a problem at all. I try to add user, but that user can see all my projects. Can I limit it for one project only? How?

About sharing. Yes, I will need your help, but not right now. I have some project first to do, then I will put to live monitoring that I have before on cayenne. I will also need help becouse project work on LoRa and send data to TTN

If by projects you mean devices, then as I explained before your friend will only be able to see the devices that he owns.

Maybe you should do some testing of your own, with a second email address and another device, so that you can understand exactly how this works?

Hmm, using the “C” word on the Blynk forum might not win you any friends :smiley:


Yes I did, but sorry I don’t understand how to use add share project

Hmm, using the “C” word on the Blynk forum might not win you any friends :smiley:

:slight_smile: don’t worry site is come to end-of-life

There is no such entity as a Project in Blynk IoT.
There are Templates where the datastreams and dashboards are defined, and Devices which are based on those Templates.

If you want to share a device with a user then you invite the user to your organisation (done in the users screen) then transfer the device to the user (done in the device screen).


Thanks for all your help. It take almost 2.hour of search how to do this. Here is photo where to set it. Of course you need to create user first.

Or you can do it from here (three dots next to the on/offline status indicator)…

I did explain that twice already…

The thing about Cayenne is that they took Blynk’s open source Java local server code and open source C++ libraries and built a product around them, which didn’t go down well with the founders/owners of Blynk. I don’t think they shed any tears when Cayenne finally fizzled-out.


thank you for the explanation and your help
I will help blynk community as I can.
I’m not good in programming but I can help a lot with HW design and simple IoT solutions.
When I read manuals I note “to keep your beer project from your wife…”
I made one good beer craft full automation and work great. It is not connected to net, but it will be interested I can add blynk.