@shadyman i need your help

please i want your help my project is monitoring heart beat rate with arduino and Ad8232 and node mcu and blynk idont know how interface all this with blynk and i wish from you to replied to me necessary

It’s quite simple actually:

  1. Use the search function in the forum.

  2. Learn how to program.

No-one will write the code for you!


With this attitude you’ll never get help!


Unfortunately @Shadeyman hasn’t visited the forum for 5 months, and it’s almost a year and a half since he last posted here.
As the project that you’re trying to replicate was simply a toy for his kids to play with and was built two years ago, I doubt very much if he still has the details available.
You have lots of clues available to you in the photos he posted, plus a link to the Adafruit site with wiring diagrams for the Arduino.

If you aren’t interested in doing your own experimentation and improving your C++ coding skills in the process then you aren’t going to get very far with MCUs or Blynk.
Your attitude towards @distans certainly won’t get you very far, except maybe suspended or banned from the forum.

The forum rules are quite clear and I’m happy to enforce them when necessary…



I often visit the forum without logging in. Is it safe to say that my visiting stats are off?

I guess so.

The system thinks you’ve visited 8 times in the last 100 days.
If you’re logged-in then the system logs your activity and you’ll get promoted to Level 3, where you can access the Lounge area for off-topic discussions and free (virtual) drinks :rofl:


:rofl: :+1: So, I better login every time to get that drink!!

Are you visiting Spain this year?

We had flights booked for tomorrow, for a 5 week trip, but they’ve been cancelled :disappointed_relieved:
We also have flights booked for early July for a 2 month trip, but I don’t think that’s going to happen either.
I’d like to get over during the summer to do a few things and get my car’s ITV sorted, but there are ways around that if I can’t make it - we’ll see what happens.

I have a feeling that as lockdown is eased in Spain and the UK then infection rates, hospitalisations and deaths will shoot up again, but we’ll have to see how it goes.


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Ya, I know. Stay safe!