Several questions regarding Local Blynk Server

I have installed local blynk server. I have several questions:

  1. Is it possible to close the possibility for the end users to create acccounts? If yes, please advice, how
  2. Is it possible to create an user, which can only use the project, not change it, like shared project.
  3. If I have created 1 project at user1, can I copy it to another 30 users fastly via web consol. I don’t want to use the possibility to share the project.
  4. Can I write the tokens manualy for the added equipment at project somehow?
    Thanks for your answers.
  1. No. you can set the energy to zero though for all new users.

  2. No. Not the way you’re thinking. you can share a project with devices, but not the associated userid.

  3. Yes. Stop the server, pull the section of code out of the *.user file that relates to the project, and add it to the other *.user files youd like to have the project, you must change the token though. Restart the server. You’ll have to write a script to do this in your favorite web scripting language.

  4. Yes, they must be length(32 chars) and unique. So you may have to insert a scan of all current tokens into your script to verify.

Thanks for your answer.
Can U explain, how can I set the token manually?